Tantra massages Prague

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Sexological Bodywork Massages and Therapy

Tantric (energy) massage        

cca  120 minut

The wonderful power of healing touch for both Men and Women.

We'll help you eliminate accumulated stress and tension with the most pleasant massage techniques you can imagine.



Royal 3-Hour Tantric Massage

about 180 minut

Maximum relaxation and experience for the demanding.
Opening conversation over a cup of tea and fruit.
The massage begins with the imaginary washing away of everyday worries with a full-body peel, then a shamanic ritual with a drum, smokers and Rapé. Followed by a full body massage with wet hot towels with Biblical essences (Frankincense, Myrrh, Nard, Cedr...), then we soften your body's sensations with a gentle massage with bamboo brooms while beating a rhythmic drum. For massage, we use hot coconut oil in combination with frozen coconut oil cubes and hot lava stones.


Dominant Tantric massage with BDSM  120 min.

Dominant Tantric massage with BDSM  180 min.

Tantric massage with a little playful dominance for both men and women. Light games with ropes, whips and other interesting toys :o)



Full-day transformation and healing therapy of approximately cca 7 hours

Individual round-the-clock therapy to transform, awareness and release subconscious fears, misleading behavioural patterns
and social taboos. For both women and men. It can be split into multiple days.

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Tantric massage - 2 masseuses

cca. 120 min.

Amazing four-hand massage - fulfill your dreams


Tantra + Samurai orgasmic massage

cca. 150 min.

Orgasmic samurai massage with bamboo brooms is a powerful prelude to Tantric massage. It is performed on a tethered (not a requirement) body, dressed only in underwear. After a Samurai massage, it becomes a smooth transition into a Tantric massage.


Tantric massage in the dark

Come see what it's like to get a Tantric massage
without the most important sense, sight.


Tantra party for 2 - 5 women cca.

You have a couple of girlfriends and you're wondering where, or how to liven up your birthday
celebrating with something exciting? Come to our Tantric
mini-tearooms experience the exciting atmosphere of Tantric massage.

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1000,- /h

Sample Tantric Massage cca. 60 min

For women only

2590,- Kč

Personal consultation over a cup of tea  cca. 60 min.

Consultation on :

  • Tantra as folosophy
  • Tantric massage
  • Problems with sexuality
  • Satisfying Men
  • Satisfying a Woman
  • premature ejaculation problem
  • Vaginal mapping
  • How to make a big move (orgasm without ejaculation)
  • Shibari Binding
  • BDSM and Tantric Massage
  • Nutrition and disease of civilisation

590,- Kč

Therapy and other massages

Special therapies and therapies for medicinal conscious affectionate contact

Exercise and massage to strengthen the pelvic floor

60 min.

Can resolve back pain, incontinence or improve
experiencing sexuality, the number of visits is individual .o)


Vaginal mapping 120 - 180 min.  cost per hour.

Recovering and awakening sensitivity in this intimate area. Mapping is a tool for those women who feel that something is stopping them, or that they are missing out on fully experiencing pleasure, or achieving orgasm.
They can also manifest and fully experience and dissolve old traumas of relationships, abuse and other blocks of our energy body


Treatment of scars 120 - 180 min.

Price after purchase of 3 sessions
Treatment of external and internal scars in the form of massage,
castor oil and trauma work.



Essential sensory relaxation massage

(Soft Tantra - not massaging intimate parts) 120 min.

A thrilling 90 minutes blindfolded. (not a condition)
Forget the daily grind for a moment and take a moment
for themselves! Women only!


Samurai massage with bamboo brooms 60 min.

is Japan's oldest massage technique, aiming for deep muscle relaxation, improved circulation, relaxation of muscle tension and relief of pain and stress.   More information....


Rei Ki

Reiki - a popular and effective form of healing. The word Reiki comes from
from Japanese and is derived from Japanese Rei - space and Ki - energy :o)


Maps of the subconscious 60 - 90 min.

Price after purchase of 3 sessions

Mapping the subconscious is a tool that can work with
memory recordings. They can be repositioned, changed,
or create new ones that only affect us in a positive way.

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