Tantra Massages Prague

In today's hectic world, where we often get lost in responsibilities and stress, we forget one of the most valuable components of our life - our sexuality and sexual energy. When we open up to our sexuality and allow joy and passion to re-enter our lives, we open the door to deeper harmony and happier partnerships.

In our studio, which serves as an advertising space for massage therapists and therapists, we offer you many ways to connect with your sexuality and achieve inner blossoming. Our diverse services include tantric massages, BDSM development, tantra courses for all, as well as professionals, rituals and therapies to help you gain a deeper understanding of your sexuality, emotions and relationships. In addition, we have unique special massages that will connect you with your own being on a level you may not have experienced before.

More information about individual services, including the price list and how to order, can be found below on our website.

It's time to put yourself first, allow yourself to live with passion, sexuality again and awaken the wonderful being inside you. Come and discover how tantra can enrich your lives and connect you with the most intimate within you.

Massage and therapy related to sexual bodywork (Sexological Bodywork).

Please note that the massage time is the time between the client's arrival and departure. And in some cases it can be longer, so reserve some time around your appointment for yourself.

Tantra Massage

For Men, Women, Couples | For Man by Man

Tantric massage focuses on the overall harmonization of body, mind and spirit. It is a massage based on the principles of tantric philosophy, which focuses on the spiritual and sexual aspects of human life. Tantra believes that the body is the temple of the spirit and accordingly seeks to restore balance and harmony throughout the body.

The purpose of tantric massage is to bring the client deep relaxation, improve his sexual and spiritual life, increase his self-confidence and self-esteem, and enable him to experience a deeper and more intimate connection with himself and with other people

A tantric massage usually takes place in an intimate and relaxing environment and is performed by a qualified masseur or masseuse who has experience in this area. It is a very gentle and slow massage that uses various techniques and sensory stimuli to release tension and improve energy flow throughout the body.

Price List of Tantra Massages

Tantra Massage - 120 min

We will help you remove accumulated stress and tension with the most pleasant massage techniques you can imagine. Energy massage for Men and Women.

3990 Kč

Tantra Massage for Couples - 120 min

An extraordinary experience with your partner.

6490 Kč

Royal 3 hours Tantra Massage

Maximum relaxation and experience for the demanding. Introductory conversation over a cup of tea and fruit.

The massage begins with an imaginary washing away of everyday worries with a full-body peeling, followed by a ritual with a drum, incense burners and Rapé. In the Winter season, the whole body is warmed up with a wet hot towel massage with Biblical essences (Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, Cedar...), then we soften the perception of your body with a gentle massage with bamboo brooms while rhythmic drumming. During the massage, we use hot coconut oil in combination with frozen coconut oil cubes and hot lava stones.

5990 Kč

Sensual Massage For Man by Man  - 90 min

Allow yourself the orgasmic touch of a man, Body to Body!

Are you heterosexual or bi-curious and desire a man's touch? I am here for you and 100% discreet. This is a sensual orgasmic massage for men from men. A relaxing energy-tantric massage with a focus on conscious touch and intimacy.

3500 Kč

Preview of Tantra Massage - 60 min

For Women who don't allow themselves absolute surrender yet, but want to take the first step towards awakening their femininity.

2590 Kč

Four-handed Tantric Massage - 2 masseuses - 120 min

Amazing four-handed massage - make your dreams come true.

6490 Kč

BDSM Tantra

Drop the social TABOO

Tantric massage with a little gentle, playful dominance for both men and women is exactly the center you are looking for.

Easy games with ropes, sticks and other interesting toys. You will know the feeling of power and powerlessness, dominance and submission. You can try to push your limits to the very edge of what you can bear. Everything under your control.

Throw away the social TABOO in this area and come to fulfill your dreams and ideas in the safety of our studio.

Price List of BDSM Tantra

Dominant Tantra  Massage with BDSM Elements 120 min

Tantra massage with a little playful dominance for men and women. Easy games with ropes, sticks and other interesting toys :o)

3990 Kč

Dominant Tantra Massage with BDSM Elements 180 min

An even deeper experience thanks to the extra time, which is primarily for you and your opening.

5990 Kč

Tantra Courses

Open the door to deeper connection and blossoming passion

In today's busy times, when we often forget about a deeper connection with ourselves and our partner, Tantra is the key to developing intimacy and communication.

Our Tantra courses are designed for both the public and professionals, and offer a unique opportunity to learn to communicate openly, explore your desires and restore passion in a relationship.

Join us and discover how Tantra can change your life.

All-day Therapy

Special therapy and healing conscious loving touch therapy

With us, it's not just about therapies and rituals, it's about returning to your sexuality, to the passion that can enliven your life. Here you will find a place to open communication, explore and heal relationships, and above all, re-experience that wonderful passion that may have been forgotten.

Come and discover with us the way to a deeper understanding of yourself, to healing and awakening your sexuality. We are here to guide you through this magical journey that can enrich your life in ways you may never have known.

Price List of All-day Therapies for YOU

All-day transformational and healing therapy (approx. 6-8 hours) 

Individual full-day therapy for transformation, awareness and release of subconscious fears, misleading patterns of behavior and social taboos. For Men and Women.

9990 Kč

All-day Couple Therapy (approx. 6-8 hours)

Therapy focused on just an experience for partners, where we will teach you and you will experience a lot of amazing techniques from tantric massage and other relaxation skills that will enrich your intimate and everyday life. (can also be initiation into BDSM techniques)

Or therapeutically focused on coping with marital crises according to tantric philosophy. Themes of infidelity, the weakening of the sexual or emotional charge between partners, are very common in society, and many couples break up because of it.

If there is still at least a spark of mutual sympathy and love for each other between you. It's always worth fanning this egg into a proper flame again. We look forward to you.

9990 Kč

Our Specials

Special types of massages and sessions only with us

We believe that everyone deserves something extra, whether it's self-care, a reward for hard work or a space for deeper self-discovery and healing. Our specialties are here for you to experience unique and unsurpassed experiences.

If you desire something extraordinary, if you are looking for something different from ordinary massages and therapies, then we are here for you. Come and discover our specialties that are ready to make your time with us unforgettable.

Price List of Our Specials

Kashmiri Tantra Massage - 180 min

This is a gentle, sensual massage ritual from northern India, from the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. It connects your masculine and feminine polarity, the inner child and the Buddha within you - your divinity. You are coming into deep contact with these four energies. The healing that can occur at the same time happens without the intention of healing the giver. The whole body is sensually pampered, without focusing on any specific part of the body. This meditative experience will help you increase your ability to give and receive pleasure, free the flow of subtle energy in your body, and awaken your senses.

5990 Kč

Tandava Massage - 120 min

Flowing, presence in sensitive touch. Tandava means dance, the movement in it does not come from the intention of the giver, it happens by itself. First, our inner movements align, when the connection occurs, you can relax into the massage that is created in the very moment it is happening. The massage has the principles of Kashmiri tantric massage, you experience your masculine and feminine sides, the sensitive child and the divine being that you are. By connecting them in the body, you become a more harmonious being.

3990 Kč

Orgasmic Samurai Massage - 60 min

2490 Kč

Tantra + Orgasmic Samurai Massage - 120 min

Orgasmic samurai massage with bamboo brooms is a powerful prelude to Tantric massage. It is performed on a bound (not a requirement) body, dressed only in underwear. After the Samurai massage, it smoothly transitions to the Tantric massage.

3990 Kč