Tantra-Ns-Tantra massage and therapy in Prague

We are concerned with a holistic approach to a person, their health, psychological and physical needs.

Tantra massage focuses on the overall harmonisation of the body, mind and spirit. It is a massage that is based on the principles of tantra philosophy, which focuses on the spiritual and sexual aspects of human life. Tantra believes that the body is a temple of the spirit and accordingly tries to restore balance and harmony throughout the body.
Tantra massage usually takes place in an intimate and relaxing environment and is performed by a qualified masseur or masseuse who has experience in this area. It is a very gentle and slow massage that uses various techniques and sensory stimuli to relieve tension and improve energy flow throughout the body.
The goal of tantra massage is to bring the client deep relaxation, improve his sexual and spiritual life, increase his self-confidence and self-esteem and allow him to experience a deeper and more intimate connection with himself and with other people.


I took the Basic Course of Tantra Massage here. I paid for 20 hours of individual massage because I would like to do it commercially and I wanted to get as many skills as possible.
It was really great, I like Honza's approach to tantra massage. He is creative and does it with his heart. On the one hand, he showed me the whole massage and explained the whole process from beginning to end, he showed various techniques that can be combined, but he also has a lot of original tips and tricks that I liked right away. Even thanks to the model, on whom I had the privilege of trying everything out, I enjoyed the whole two days of the course and always left with the feeling that I was in the right place.

An amazing experience! If you need to drop the stress, switch off and let yourself be cared for in a safe space, this is the right place. You can see on Honza that he really enjoys his work. I came to the massage overworked and emotionally quite upset. I don't even know how I managed to put this behind me and really enjoy the time.
Thank you again!

To this day I am grateful to the circumstances that led me to Honza for the massage.
So much gentleness and tenderness in every touch, so much understanding and support in the embrace...Safety, trust... Very easy to indulge in, easy to forget about the outside world and time... Just the perception of presence and acceptance....Deep experiences...uplifting feelings...
It was one of the most beautiful experiences that have happened to me in my life and Honza's soul is one of the most beautiful I have known.
Thank you. With all my heart.

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Tantra massage and therapy offer

We'll help you eliminate accumulated stress and tension with the most pleasant massage techniques you can imagine. You can come to our studio to unwind, shaman heal, or just blow off a little "steam."  Looking forward to seeing you.

Tantric massage can be both a very sensual and profound healing experience, especially for those women who have been through some form of traumatic experience in a relationship or in childhood.

Is Tantra too soft for you, and a visit to a BDSM salon too strong for coffee? Tantric massage with a bit of playful dominance for both men and women is exactly the center you're looking for.

Do you want to experience something exciting with your partner or partner? We have various scenarios ready for you - from the delicate paired Tantra, to the dominant exciting BDSM Tantra. Brace yourself and make memories of a lifetime.

 A square of hot hands on your body? Dreams are supposed to come true not just at Christmas. Come and have a blizzard of feelings unleashed on your body. It fills you with energy and vitality for days.

Orgasmic Samurai massage with bamboo scourges, Essential sensory massage, or whole-body vibration massage are specialties of our studio that can't be found anywhere else.

You have a few friends and you're wondering where or how to liven up a birthday party with something exciting? Come to our Tantric Mini Tea Room to experience the thrilling atmosphere of Tantric Massage or perhaps a light BDSM Tantra...

Sexuological Bodywork - working with the body and sexuality. We have very powerful techniques for dissolving old wounds and traumas and for returning pleasure and joy to where it belongs.

We are preparing Tantric massage and therapy sessions for you. We'll keep you posted on the dates here.

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