Tantra Massage and Courses in Prague

In today's hectic world, it often happens that we neglect one of the most important components of our life - our sexuality and sexual energy.

Opening up to our sexuality and bringing joy and passion back into our lives can be the key to harmony and a happy partnership.

And this is exactly what Tantra specializes in.

What can TANTRA bring into your life?  

Tantra can offer you several techniques and tools, which can help you with: 

  • Deepen Intimacy: Tantra allows us to explore the deeper layers of our relationships and deepen our intimate connection with our partner. It improves communication and understanding between partners.

  • Open to sexual energy: Tantra teaches us how to connect with our sexual energy and use it to enhance life energy and creativity. This has a positive effect on our health and overall vitality.

  • Bring joy and passion back into life: Tantra shows us the way to a free and joyful experience of sexuality. It helps us overcome blocks and limitations that can hold us back.

  • Promote healthy relationships: Tantra gives us the tools to resolve conflicts and develop partnerships. It helps us build a deeper and stronger connection with who we are and who we love.

Tantra is a path to liberation through the acceptance and celebration of life. It is the art and science of dissolving dualities and connecting with infinite cosmic consciousness through sensory experience.

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In our tantric studio, we create an environment full of sensuality and spiritual connection. We specialize in providing tantric massages and teachings that enable you to discover the deeper dimensions of your sexuality and emotional connection.

Our experienced therapists and masseurs will guide you through a unique experience that emphasizes the mutual harmony between body and soul. Our tantric studio emphasizes respect, trust and mutual understanding, allowing you to explore and develop your intimate side without any pressure.

We are here to offer you a safe and supportive environment to explore your sexuality, deepen your intimate connection and achieve greater personal development. At our tantric studio, we believe that the union of body, mind and spirit can be a path to personal healing and overall well-being.

"BDSM Tantra is an union of power and tenderness, obedience and freedom that leads us to deeper understanding and ecstatic union."

"Connect with your inner passion. Come to our course and discover a new world of intimacy."

Hello I'm Honza,

Tantrik with more than 20 years of experience and my studio is called Tantra Ns.

My passion and mission is to help people open up to their sexuality, understand it and experience it fully. For me, Tantra is not only a philosophy of life, but also a path to personal awakening and harmony in partnership.

My goal is to bring the beauty and wisdom of tantra into your life. My courses and events are designed to help you discover your inner strength, your potential and this wonderful path to connecting body, mind and spirit. Tantra is for everyone, regardless of age or sexual orientation, and can bring positive changes to your life.

I am here to guide you through this journey and help you achieve harmony, joy and passion in your life and relationships. Welcome to Tantra Ns and get ready for an unforgettable journey to personal development and living life more fully



I am convinced that for Tantra it is extremely important and decisive in whose hands one surrenders. I searched and waited for a long time. Tantra Ns and Mr. Janata in the end was my decision... The tantra experience was unique, intense and full of all sorts of feelings worth experiencing. Mr. Janata, a guide who has rightfully earned my utmost trust... If you want to look beyond the boundaries of formal intimacy, Mr. Janata is the right choice and it is worth enriching your life with this experience.

Whether it's just for once or for the possibility of discovering new horizons - I hope I can do the latter and I'm looking forward to it :o) Thank you very much



To this day, I am grateful for the circumstances that brought me to Honzo for a massage. So much softness and tenderness in every touch, so much understanding and support in a hug...Safety, trust... Very easy to indulge, easy to forget the world around and time... Just feeling present and accepting....Deep experiences...Uplifting feelings...

It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've had in my life, and Honza's soul is one of the most beautiful I've met. Thank you. Whole-hearted.


I completed the Tantric Massage Course here. I paid for 20 hours individual because I would like to do it commercially and I wanted to gain as many skills as possible.

It was really great, I like Honzo's approach to tantric massage. He is creative and does it from the heart. On the one hand, he showed me the whole massage and explained the whole process from start to finish, he showed different techniques that can be combined, but he also has a lot of original tips and tricks that I immediately liked. Also thanks to the model on which I had the honor to try everything, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole two days of the course and always left with the feeling that I was in the right place.


Amazing experience! If you need to de-stress, switch off and be pampered in a safe space, this is the place. You can see from Honzo that he really enjoys his work. I came to the massage overworked and emotionally quite exhausted.

I don't even know how I managed to put this behind me and really enjoy that time. Thank you very much again!