Tantra Massages for Women, Men and Couples

Tantra massage focuses on the overall harmonization of body, mind and spirit. It is a massage based on the principles of tantric philosophy, which focuses on the spiritual and sexual aspects of human life. Tantra believes that the body is the temple of the spirit and accordingly seeks to restore balance and harmony throughout the body.

A tantric massage usually takes place in an intimate and relaxing environment and is performed by a qualified masseur or masseuse who has experience in this area. It is a very gentle and slow massage that uses various techniques and sensory stimuli to release tension and improve energy flow throughout the body.

The goal of tantric massage is to bring the client deep relaxation, improve his sexual and spiritual life, increase his self-confidence and self-esteem, and enable him to experience a deeper and more intimate connection with himself and with other people.


Tantric massage can be a very sensual, but also deeply healing experience, especially for those women who have gone through some form of traumatic experience in a relationship, in the family or are after childbirth, caesarean section, etc.

Tantra massage can very effectively heal the area of the pelvic floor and thus can positively change the sensitivity during lovemaking and the depth of experiences.

Tantra massage is a combination of full-body sensual massage, classical massage technique and loving conscious touch, conscious work with energy and direct intention of the therapist to give the recipient the deepest experience. Unlike other therapies, Tantra is a holistic massage that also includes a Yoni massage (intimate part - if the client wishes and is ready for it). This is a very liberating experience, because our intimacy is a great source of life force and joy, but at the same time it is surrounded by a wall of social rules and moral taboos.

Before the massage itself, we will discuss and explain everything with you over a cup of tea, find out your wishes and concerns, and answer all your questions. Of course, you can also choose whether you want a massage or therapy from a woman or a man. We will fully respect your wishes and boundaries.

Before the massage, we can give you a full-body peeling - you can choose warming or ice peeling, depending on the season. We only use quality natural oil and products. You can also get a light Samurai massage with bamboo brooms, which activates the nerve endings and thus prepares the body for an extraordinary experience.

We know that Tantra, unjustly, still has an undeserved reputation among some people as something inappropriate and falling more into sexual services. However, we want to assure you that your privacy and discretion are guaranteed with us, even if you do not enter the studio directly from the street, but take the elevator up to the 5th floor. You can also come to our studio for a completely classic or relaxing massage. 

Every client is an extended family to us and we always try to help beyond the scope of our work when needed.

There are many women who know that they would like to (not only) try Tantra, but a certain shyness, fear of losing control, or an unusual expression of the body during orgasm, or false social taboos and morals prevent them from doing so. It can be a puritan upbringing in the family, bad experiences with another therapist or masseur, and so on. These things happen, manifestations of the body are self-evident, desirable and liberating, that's why clients come to us, they can throw away all conventions and just be THEM with everything everywhere, with all manifestations of body and mind, we are ready for it. It's a shame to block your way and resent everything because of prejudice or a bad experience. With us, you can be 100% sure that the therapist will not exceed the limits you set before the massage and will not abuse your trust.

It's your life and live it the way you want, not the way others want or wish. Society, friends, partners, but also your parents have put you in their box and whenever you stick your head out of it, they want you back in it stuff back in. They feel inside that they have never been and never will be strong enough to live their lives the way they want to and therefore they will try to convince you that you are as weak and dull as they are. But that is their way and idea of life , not yours. So jump out of that box and just live your beautiful rich happy life the way you want. No one else is going to do it for you." If only so that when you are old you will have something to remember. Even in the worst situation, you can collapse or dance. It's up to you.

Three Reasons Why Women Choose Tantric Massage

  1. Stress and Tension Release: Tantra massage is an effective means of reducing stress and tension. Women who are going through a difficult time, such as work pressure, personal problems or relationship stress, look for relaxation and relaxation in tantric massage.

  2. Relief from Sexual Trauma: Many women seek tantric massage as a way to heal from sexual trauma. Tantra can help overcome negative sexual experiences and restore confidence in oneself and in intimate relationships.

  3. Exploration and Enhancement of Sexuality: Women who want to explore and deepen their sexuality find tantric massage a valuable space for this exploration. Tantra allows them to better understand their body, sexual needs and experience sexual joy and ecstasy.

We look forward to your visit!


For couples, lovers, romantic couples or even friends. If you like experiencing something exciting together, or if you want to enrich, revive or advance your love life, this is the choice for you.

You can choose if you want two female masseuses or a man and a woman, if you wish, you can be massaged separately each in a different room. Or you can massage each other, paired with our masseuse or masseuse as a gift.

It is an amazing experience to hold hands and experience together this exciting sensual massage of all massages.

FIVE Ways Tantra Can Transform Your Relationship

  1. Strengthening the emotional bond: Tantra promotes a deeper emotional connection between partners. Practicing tantra as a couple can help deepen mutual understanding, trust and compassion. All of this leads to a stronger emotional bond.
  2. Enhancing Intimacy: Tantra focuses not only on the physical side of sexuality, but also on the importance of emotional and energetic intimacy. Practicing tantric exercises and rituals can help develop a deeper connection and passion between partners.

  3. Better understanding of sexual needs: Tantra encourages open and honest communication about sexual needs and desires. This can lead to a better understanding of the partner's desires and to both partners feeling fulfilled and satisfied in their sex lives.

  4. Increased sensitivity and awareness of the body: Tantra teaches exercises aimed at increasing the sensitivity and awareness of the body. This can improve sexual experiences and deepen the connection between partners. At the same time, it can help reduce stress and tension.

  5. Support for mutual growth and development: Tantra encourages couples to grow and develop together. A partnership is not static, and tantra can provide tools and techniques to help a couple continue to discover new aspects of their relationship and grow together.

You can also try BDSM Tantra together and bind and punish your partner under the supervision of an experienced therapist. Just entrust us with your dreams and we will help you realize them.

You can also rent from us a space fully prepared for a Tantric massage, with everything you need and with a little training, and then surprise your partner and give him a 2-hour Tantric massage according to your own taste, just call: 605 832 121 and arrange everything.


Tantric massage for men is an exceptional affair that will permanently change your understanding of massage as such. Tantric massage from our therapists is a treatment for both soul and body. If you have closed the secret door to your emotions, we have the keys to open them and awaken them.

Before the massage itself, we use shamanic rituals and incense burners to cleanse the body and spirit, of course if you want. We will discuss everything with you before the massage and it will only depend on you what you choose.

Why Men Choose Tantra Massage

  1. Deepening Intimacy: Men often choose tantric massage to deepen their intimate connection with their partner. Tantric massage allows them to explore new dimensions of mutual connection and strengthen their emotional relationship.

  2. Stress and Relaxation: Tantra massage is also an excellent means for men to relax and reduce stress. Thanks to sensual touches and deep relaxation, they can find harmony in body and mind.

  3. Treatment of Sexual Problems: Some men choose tantric massage as part of treatment for sexual problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile problems. Tantric massage can help improve sexual stamina and self-confidence

Before the massage, you can also go through a washing ritual, which is done either in the shower equipped for this purpose, or on the bed with hot towels. The ritual of washing is a symbolic handing over to the hands of the therapist and washing away the imaginary emotional and psychological load of the whole day from the body, so that you can rest with a calm mind and surrender to her gentle healing hands.

You can also choose a full-day therapy in our offer, where our therapist will spend about 7 hours with you. Or spice up the massage with a little gentle, playful dominance of conscious BDSM.


A Luxury Tantra Experience in Maximum Discretion

Nowadays, more and more men are open to new ways to explore and develop their sexual identity. One of these ways is man-to-man tantric massage.

This massage offers heterosexual men and those who are curious the opportunity to explore new boundaries of their sexuality in a safe, luxurious environment with maximum discretion.

Tantra Massage: more than just a physical experience

It is important to emphasize that male-to-male tantric massage is not about sex, but about a deep energetic connection with your own body and sexuality. Our Masseur Alex will provide you with a tantric experience that focuses on liberating your sexual energy and inner potential.

Maximum discretion and comfort

Choosing the right massage therapist is key. Alex, a professional in the field, guarantees you 100% discretion and high standards. His concern for your comfort and safety comes first. You can feel relaxed and safe in a luxurious and soothing environment.

Take courage and discover yourself

For many men, a Tantric massage from a man is a bold step towards self-discovery. It is a way for them to explore their body, energy and desires on a new level. Alex will help you feel comfortable and relaxed during this exciting journey.

Deep orgasm and greater sexual energy

Male to male tantric massage can lead to an intense and deep orgasm that is charged with sexual energy. This experience can improve your sexual health and performance. It's a way to develop your own sexuality and connect with yourself on a level you may not have known before.

Male Energy: Discovering New Dimensions of Massage from a Man

1. Discovering new boundaries of sexuality: Many men seek tactical massage from a man as a way of discovering new boundaries of their sexuality. This massage allows them to understand the male body in a way that women cannot offer, thanks to the fact that the masseur is himself a man. This creates a unique space for discovery and mutual understanding of men's sexual needs and preferences.

2. Relaxation and stress therapy: A tactical massage from a man can be an effective way to relax and reduce stress. Men often seek this massage as a way to relax and unwind from the busyness of everyday life.

3. Deep energetic connection: A tactical massage from a man can offer a deep energetic connection between masseur and client. These connections can be transformative and help men reach a higher state of consciousness and development.

It's time to allow yourself to discover a Tantric experience that can open up completely new horizons for you. Find your inner balance and explore new energy paths with a luxurious Tantric massage with Alex. An experience full of discretion, respect and a deep connection with your sexuality.

Tantra massage for men from men is an exceptional way to discover yourself and your sexuality. It's a way for you to explore new dimensions of excitement and energy in a very discreet and luxurious environment. And with a professional like Alex, the experience is full of care and attention.

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Four-handed massage? What man wouldn't want to be massaged by four experienced gentle (or naughty) hands? Make your dream come true. We can also provide you with an incredible experience of a six-handed massage! Nothing is impossible, just entrust us with your ideas.

Likewise for women - you can choose to be massaged by two women, a woman and a man, or two and three men.

Make your dreams come true, we're here for you, just call.

Four hot hands on your body? Dreams should come true not only at Christmas. Come and let a hurricane of feelings be unleashed in your body. It will fill you with energy and vitality for several days.