Why did you decide to provide tantric massage and how long have you been in this business?

  • I've been doing massage in general for about 15 years, but for 25 years I've been doing yoga and yoga philosophy, which is one step away from tantra. Tantra and Yoga are the same at heart, a way to find what we could never lose, to our divinity. Tantra just accentuates and works more with sexual energy, but it's not about sex, it's about working with inner energy and improving yourself. (very simply put).
    As I enjoy massage, and have tried to expand my knowledge and techniques, I have reached a point where Tantric massage was bound to appeal to me. Five years ago, I began studying and practicing these techniques.

What is their specificity and what are the basic types of tantric massage?

  • Tantric massage is based on a vedic tantric philosophy and principles, it's an elaborate and in a way unique and very intimate ritual between giver and receiver. It's a touch-based meditation, both the giving and receiving should place their consciousness at the point of contact during the massage, which is why the touch is also very intense, if very gentle. Giver awakens with its touch and presence of energy in the body of the receiver and works with them, because sexual energy is an integral part of our physical arrangement. But this energy can be crude and chaotic in quality, and can have a bad effect on people at emotional, relationship, and health levels. This is why it is good for it, on the contrary, to be orderly, clean and gentle and manifest itself as empathy, compassion, etc. The refinement and cultivation of this energy can have a very positive effect on us, our family and our surroundings.
    Types of tantric massage are just a response to public interest in these techniques, you can experience a massage together with a partner, or get massaged by two masseurs etc. But that just dilutes the therapeutic effect of the massage itself and it's just an "experience." Furthermore, a good tantric massage cannot fit in under 2 hours. It's best to leave the massage time unbounded, the recipient sometimes needs to talk, or shows up during an emotional block massage that needs to be dealt with with by the client. I keep mine on my calendar for my massage. 3 hours.

To what extent are these massages intimate? The perceptiveness and sensitivity of the body are all slightly different.

  • Intimacy in tantric massage is maximum, therefore there must also be maximum trust in therapist, environment and discretion. Clients sometimes share their innermost feelings, traumas, as well as desires and addictions. A loving touch can open up deep emotional wounds and memories that the client has yet to tell anyone else. That is why trust and empathy between therapist and client must come first. The client needs to feel safe. With a massage that lasts an hour, this is impossible to achieve.
    Since tantric massage is a full massage, intimate parts can be massaged, but it all depends on what boundaries we set and what we agree on before massage with the client, nothing is predetermined.
    Yes, we're all configured differently and we perceive and respond differently to different stimuli, so the client should warn about their limits and limitations before massage. But even with a massage, if anything makes him uncomfortable, or feels any discomfort - don't be afraid to say it. Someone is very finely adjusted indeed, and any stronger touch is distracting. It is therefore desirable for massage to take place as a wave and for both the giver and the receiver to complement each other, so that the receiver responds both verbally and with body movements to what is happening inside and the giver can use these signals to cultivate energy further.
    I don't want it to look too complicated right now and put anyone off because they'd be afraid they wouldn't make it. It's best to leave everything to the intelligence of the body and let it all go. Expressions of body and mind. Consciously defend nothing. Just surrender to the present moment.

How can these massages affect the health of the body and soul?

  • With a Tantric massage, you can't just lie there wondering what you're going to cook tomorrow. This massage will bind you to the body, the place where the therapist touches. It's total concentration to the touch. It's also sometimes the first time in a client's life that he's two hours consciously here and now in the present moment. And that's a very powerful experience, even if nothing else happened.
    More or less in every religious system or philosophy, there are different exercises that have one aim, and that is to quiet the mind, our internal dialogue. It's the only thing that separates us from the divine in us. The mantras, the chanting of prayers with the rosary, the Zen tea ceremonies, are all meant to teach us to control our minds, to do what we want, not to do what she wants. Tantric massage has the same potential to bind the mind to touch so as not to stray and dwell on the past or project the future.
    In this resulting silence, the concentration on touch, not infrequently, rises from the subconscious to the surface of old emotional scarring and trauma, especially for women who have been through some form of traumatic experience in a relationship, in the family, or are after childbirth, caesarean section, etc. Tantric massage can treat the pelvic floor area very effectively and thus can positively alter the sensitivity of making love and the depth of experience. It is also possible to work with other techniques of sex work with the body.
    Or beautiful memories may also arise, so that I don't just give negative examples.
    And, as I've said before, cultivating and softening sexual energy, by changing ourselves, can have a positive effect on us and our whole neighborhood.

What's the clientele? Rather male or female, what age is it, and can one say that a tantra massage client has some specifics?

  • I think that tantric massage is indulged in all age interfaces, but it's dominated by that mid-30s to mid-50s, both male and female. And I'd say they're people who are mostly spiritual seekers. But of course there are exceptions that have slightly distorted ideas and are looking for more fun, something new, or just want to have a so-called fun. And unfortunately, some of the businesses that offer tantric massages are more erotic businesses that just called tantra something that Tantric massage is definitely not.

What would you say to people who hesitate or have initial concerns?

  • When they find a quality Tantric studio, there's nothing to worry about. Sometimes it's good to put someone you know on the recommendation. Or read the reviews. And I also advise on our website that people do what they want to do and what they desire, no matter what the neighborhood thinks, relatives, partners, it's their life, not those who judge or wonder. The neighborhood has us lined up in a certain box, and once we peek out of it, they're trying to put us back in it because it threatens them for some reason, they'd have to change, too, and sometimes that hurts.
    There's a very apt Osha quote: " Sin is when we don't rejoice in life"

Did you experience anyone who didn't like the massage and left unhappy?

  • I try to tune in and adjust to the client's mood and mood, but sometimes someone orders a gift certificate and the recipient doesn't know much about this massage, or even wants to do something like it, and it's kind of embarrassing, full of compromises. It's best if the client knows what she's getting into, it's her decision.
    Or sometimes a client skips work and then watches during a massage to keep her face from getting smeared or her hair mussed. Then the concentration is completely different, and the experience is devalued. That is why, in the initial interview, I explain to my clients that it is a good idea to put everything away, jewellery, makeup and, best of all, to put aside the time spent massaging and the worries of the everyday, and to count on getting their hair dirty, and that, of course, they can wash and blow-dry it again after a massage.
    It also happened to me that we didn't do the massage because the client was clearly in a bad state of mind and that could have made things worse.

Could there be an addiction to these massages?

  • So, we know how addictions are, some are very susceptible, some are resilient, but yes, I have clients who get Tantric massages regularly, but I wouldn't exactly call it an addiction :o))
    Although I may already be an addict, (joking) because this one, now I don't want to say "work," really amuses and fulfills me.

Why is there such an emphasis on sexuality in Tantra?

  • This is a mistake, there is no emphasis on anything in Tantric Philosophy, Tantra merely excludes and despises nothing in comparison with Joze and other systems and religions, fighting nothing is all part of One - perfection, that is, sex. Tantra teaches both these powerful energies (sexual, anger, jealousy, love, etc.. ) to accept as an integral part of our phenomena, to consciously explore and transform or use them to aid in the spiritual journey to awakening. Tantra takes sex as much as anything else in the body. It's just the world, distorted by millennia of suppression and taboo and scaremongering, that indulging in sex outside procreation is a mortal sin, sees an excess.

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