The Tantric Path: Open the Gate to Love and Consciousness

Entering the path of tantric massage can be the first step to change your life and perception of sexuality. Tantric massage, the queen of massages, carries with it a deep art and techniques that not only bring pleasure, but also develop your ability to empathize with your partner, to give and receive tenderness and caress.

Loss of touch and self-expression in society

Life in society often alienates us from basic human needs. A lack of tender touch and emotional connection can lead to frustration and aggression. Tantric massage helps us restore this connection with ourselves and with others.

A return to intimacy and mutual understanding

Even relationships that work relatively well can fall into a routine over time and lose their charm. The art of tantric massage has the power to revive the desire for these beautiful moments and take relationships to new dimensions. The experiences it offers can provide inspiration and energy for months to come.

Shared or individual journey

One of the biggest steps on the tantric path is convincing your partner to take a class with you. However, sometimes it is beneficial to take a course or tantric massage on your own and then bring the techniques you have learned into your shared intimate environment.

Birth into Tantra

Being ready to become part of a tantric community means that you are willing to learn, grow and develop. Tantric massage puts powerful tools in your hands that can be used to shift your life. This journey can be a beautiful beginning of a new period full of knowledge, growth and sharing with others.

We invite you to the Tantric journey

You have come this far, indicating that the desire for growth and self-discovery has reached a point where you are ready to open the gates of tantric art. We expect you to commit to using these skills respectfully and ethically. You will learn the art of tantric massage and pass it on to your students when you are ready.

Imagine beautiful moments and inspiration

Tantra massage can open a new perspective on life and sexuality. Imagine how these beautiful techniques will enliven your intimate moments with your partner. Imagine how you will pass this wisdom on to other people and help them discover the joy of life


We are beyond happy to invite you on this amazing journey of tantric art. We look forward to meeting you and discovering the beauty of Tantra together.

"Touch: A language that doesn't speak by words, but changes worlds."

For couples, individuals or work teams

The offer of Tantra courses is open to all who desire a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. Come and discover the beauty of Tantra with us and open the door to awareness and mutual understanding.

We have prepared for you various themed courses based on Tantric massage. In five parts, we will pass on to you our knowledge in the field of work with the body and sexuality, which we have gathered over years of practice. You will experience the healing transforming power of conscious healing touch and take away an understanding of what Tantra is, its principles, you will also learn the techniques of massage itself, including lingam and yoni massage.

You will be able to further develop this technique yourself and put the best of yourself into it, because that's what it's all about. Not about what techniques you will learn, but about what you yourself can give of yourself in that intimate moment with your partner or client (HIM or SHE).

The receiver will always recognize it, because the Love and Empathy that flows through you to him warms and should warm both your partner and you.

Individual Tantra Course

The path to personal transformation

This course is fully tailored to your needs and goals. We work individually with you to guide you on your journey to personal transformation.

You will learn Tantra techniques that will help you open up to your inner potential and achieve a deeper consciousness.

This course is ideal for those seeking personal growth and change.

Individual lessons for couples* and individuals (20 hours)

for the entire 20-hour course


Individual Intensive lessons for couples* and individuals (15 hours)

One-day intensive course from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m

With a group course, there are many delays when we wait for others to be able to move on, this is not a risk with an individual course, so everything can be done in one whole day.


Individual lessons for couples* and individuals (10 hours)

Individual teaching, all summarized within one day.

For masseurs and therapists who already have experience with regular massages. Even with the Basic Tantric massage.


Date of the course by agreement at any time.

In the case of an "individual" course for single men, the price of the model (masseuse) approx. 5,000 is added, or you can bring your own model. * Price for a couple, also means 2 friends (friends).

At the end of the courses, we will issue you a CERTIFICATE of completion and you will receive a brief manual with massage procedures and techniques.

If you are interested in one of our courses or workshops, sign up for it using the form at the bottom of the page so that we can give you a message about its date. We include courses and workshops only if there is interest in them and the minimum number of 4 participants is met, so don't hesitate.

Basic Tantric Massage Course - CONTENTS

First part: Ritual, trust, what is Tantra (theory)

  • a bit of theory about tantric philosophy and the history of tantric massage

  • meditation and concentration

  • chakras - energy centers, pranayama

  • environment, equipment, atmosphere, music, clothes

  • Rapé, drum, bells, Tibetan bowl, incense burners (first contact - trust)

  • breath work to calm the mind, release and surrender, give and receive

  • working with nudity, shame and guilt, anxiety and fears - boundaries

  • therapeutic potential of tantric massage - healing, celibacy

  • distribution of energy throughout the body

  • cultivation of sexual energy and desires

  • massage ethics

  • work with fragrant essences

  • outlining the connection between BDSM and Tantra (surrender)

  • different kinds and types of Tantric massage - techniques

  • Psychedelics in Tantric Practice

Second part: Added relaxation techniques before the actual massage (practice)

  • bamboo brooms

  • head massage

  • foot massage

  • facial massage

  • oil head massage

Third part: Using additional objects and elements in massage (practice)

  • lava stones

  • ice stones and ice oil

  • furs, fabrics, feathers, scrapers and comfrey

  • increased sensitivity and perception of the body during massage

  • using gentle touch and breath

  • opening and closing rituals

  • massage with hot towels

Fourth part: Oil holistic massage (practice)

  • full body relaxing massage with hot oil

  • awakening energy centers and working with energy

  • distribution of energy throughout the body

  • perception of the client and his needs

  • getting involved in the internal process of experiencing the energies and reactions of the client's or partner's body

  • recognition of potential energy blocks and their removal

  • direction to full-body orgasm (breathing exercises, meditation, plus and minus points on the body)

Fifth part: Joni and Lingam massage - Intimate massage (practice)

  • how is a tantric massage for a man different from a tantric massage for a woman

  • how to handle sexual energy

  • different perception in men and women

  • how to make a big move in a man (orgasm without ejaculation)

  • how to premature ejaculation

  • massage of the prostate, buttocks and perineum - anal mapping

  • breathwork and intimate Joni and Lingam massage techniques

  • how to have a full-body energetic orgasm in a woman

  • completion of the course and distribution of the certificate of completion

Entry FORM Individual Tantra Course

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Payment and other information about courses

No announced discounts or discount coupons apply to courses.

At least one week before the start of the event, you need to pay the entrance fee or (course fee) to the account, since the number of places is limited, we will have to take into account when the payment arrived on our account if there are more people registered. Those who paid and did not get into the course will automatically be in the next course, or we will send the full payment back to your account on request.

For the course (come 15 minutes earlier. Take a towel, bed sheet and sarong with you. As we use different locations in Prague for workshops and courses, we will specify the location.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees for courses are set at the following amount:

Cancellation of participation:

1 week before the start of the course - 20%

2 days before the start of the course - 50%

You will not be charged a cancellation fee if you find a replacement for you