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Tantric massage is the queen between massages. It is an art that is passed down from Master to disciple and contains very powerful techniques on several levels.
Unfortunately, the times are such that the bulk of people go into life completely unprepared in this way, depriving themselves of the most wonderful thing in life. She can't empathize with her partner's needs, she can't even give tenderness and caress, but she can't accept, and sexuality becomes a battleground where everyone wants to grab a little of that love and happiness for themselves. Basic Tantric massage should be taught in secondary schools.
Touch has been with us since birth and fulfills the most basic of human needs, and general frustration and aggression in society is partly due to the lack of gentle mutual touch, caress, understanding and embrace. The more people love each other, the less they'll kill each other.
Even a relationship, a lover's or a partner's, that works relatively well, eventually encounters a certain routine and obscurity.
The art of Tantric Massage can kick the desire for these beautiful moments into new revs. The conditions and tantric experiences you experience will sometimes last for months, drawing strength and inspiration from them. It takes little to do it - to want to learn, to overcome shyness, and to be guided even in these intimate matters.
The biggest hitch is convincing your partner to go on the course with you. And that's why sometimes it's good if you take a course, or just a Tantric massage, on your own and slowly bring the techniques you've learned, or studied, into your shared intimate environment.
Finishing up here means that your desire to learn, grow and develop has reached the point where you are ready to walk through the gate that is the beginning of your new life with Tantra. It also means that you will commit to passing on the art of Tantric Massage to your pupils when you have perfected yourself. You pledge to be ethical and not to misuse some of the powerful techniques that are handed down only face-to-face, master-to-disciple and not found in books. And don't worry, you won't commit to me, you'll commit to yourself and your conscience, because there's no one else to judge you.
It is the beginning of your birth into Tantra and nothing will ever be the same. Sometime later in the future, you might look back and recall this moment when something great, amazing, began that changed your life and your perception of the world from the ground up. Imagine how everything you learn here is put to use in intimate moments with a partner, or partner. Imagine developing this beautiful technique further and passing it on to your pupils. That's the most beautiful vision a person can have.
And I am unspeakably happy that it has come true for me, looking forward to seeing you.

Weekend courses

We have prepared various themed courses for you, based on the Tantric Massage. In five parts, we'll pass on to you our knowledge of body work and sexuality that we've collected over the years of practice. You will experience the healing transforming power of the conscious healing touch and take away an understanding of what Tantra is, its principles, and you will learn the techniques of massage itself, including massage lingam and joni. You will be able to further develop this technique yourself and put the best of yourself into it, because that's what it's about. Not about what techniques you learn, but about what you can bring out of yourself in that intimate moment with your partner or client (MU or HE). The recipient can always tell, because the Love and empathy that flows through you to him warms and should warm both the partner and you.

Theme courses:

  • Basic course Tantric massage ( 20 hours )  After completing this basic course, you have a 15% discount on all other courses on our offer.
  • BDSM and Tantra ( 10 hodim )
  • Shibari and Tantra ( 10 hodin )
  • Vaginal mapping ( 10 hodin )
  • A weekend for men (all about women, or how to become a good lover - 10 hours)
  • A weekend for women ( all about men, or I become an excellent mistress - 10 hours )
  • Fundamentals of Partner Tantric massage (10 hours)
  • Basics of partner full-body relaxation massage (no intimate parts - 10 hours)
  • Samurai massage with bamboo brooms (10 hours)
  • Civilisation Diseases, Nutrition and Sex You don't have to sit in doctors' waiting rooms ( 10 hours )
  • Maps of the subconscious ( 10 hours )
  • Mashed 5 elements + massage with hot towels (10 hours)

At the end of the courses, we will issue you a certificate of completion and you will receive a brief manual on massage procedures and techniques.

Tantric massage basic course

Part one (Saturday morning):

Ritual, trust,what is Tantra (theory)

  • a little theory about tantric philosophy and the history of tantric massage
  • chakras - energy centers, pranajama
  • environment, equipment, atmosphere, music, clothing
  • Rapé, drum, bells, Tibetan bowl, smokers (first contact - trust)
  • breathing work to calm the mind, relax and commit, give and take
  • working with nudity and shame
  • therapeutic potential of tantric massage
  • massage ethics
  • working with fragrance essences
  • outline BDSM/Tantra connection (commit)

Part two (Saturday afternoon):

Added techniques for release before massage (practice)

  • bamboo scourges
  • head massage
  • foot massage
  • facial massage
  • oil head massage
Part three (Saturday afternoon):
Use of additional items and elements for massage (practice)

  • lava stones
  • ice rocks and ice oil
  • fur, cloth, feathers, scrapers and tickler
  • increased body sensitivity and perception with massage
  • using gentle touch and breath
  • initiation ritual
  • hot towel massage

Part four (Sunday morning):

Oil full massage (practice)

  • whole-body relaxing massage with hot oil
  • waking up energy centres and working with energy
  • spreading energy around the body
  • perception of the client and his needs
  • engaging in the internal process of experiencing the energy and reactions of the client's or partner's body
  • identifying and removing potential energy blocks
  • routing towards full-body orgasm (breathing exercises, meditation)

Part Five (Sunday afternoon):

Joni and Lingam massage - Intimate massage (practice)

  • how a man's tantric massage is different from a woman's tantric massage
  • how to handle sexual energy
  • Different perceptions in men and women
  • how to Big Stroke in a man (orgasm without ejaculation)
  • how to prematurely ejaculate
  • prostate, butt and perinea massage
  • breathing work and intimate massage techniques of Joni and Lingamu
  • how to have a whole-body energy orgasm in a woman
  • finishing a course and giving away a certificate of completion

Theme course prices

The price for individuals applies to at least four candidates after filling the course.

Price for individuals

for the entire 20-hour course.


Price for individuals

for the entire 10-hour course.


Price for couple

for the entire 20-hour course.


Price for couple

for the entire 10-hour course.


Individual learning for couple and individuals (20 hours)

for the entire 20-hour course.

Term of course after agreement.


Individual learning for couple and individuals (10 hours)

Individual instruction, all summed up in one day.

For masseurs and therapists who already have experience with routine massages. I at Basic Tantric Massage

Term of course after agreement.


The course in English language is individual only

Maximum number of trainees is 6 people

Payment for the course must be paid 1 week before the start of the course.

On an individual course for one men, the price for the model ( masseuses ) is 5000,- Kč.  Or he can bring his own model.

If you want to participate or have any further questions, please sign up via the form at the bottom of this page.

 Or call:

 +420 605 832 121,   or WhatsApp, Telegram.

After you log in, read the payment information and cancellation terms carefully!

Payment information:

At least a week before the exchange rate is due, as the number of places is limited to 6, we will have to take into account when the payment arrived in our account with multiple enrolments. Those who have paid and not made it to the course will automatically be on course for the next one, or we will send the entire payment back to your account on request.
Come to the course 15 minutes early. Take a towel, a sheet, and if you have one of your own, a sarong. As we use different locations in Prague for seminars and courses, we will specify the location.

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Cancellation conditions:

Cancellation fees for courses are set at the following amount:

Cancellation of course:

1 week before course starts - 20%

2 days before course starts - 50%

You will not be charged a cancellation fee if you get a replacement for yourself.

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