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Experienced Masseur, Tantrik, Nutritionist and Therapist

Most of us spend our time in our thoughts, constantly discussing the affairs of this world. I have the power and techniques to free your mind from ordinary worries and let it dance over your body to the accompaniment of my touch.

A tantric massage will start a healing and transformational process in you, which will reverberate in your body for several weeks. Sexual energy is the strongest engine that sometimes drags us through life like a frightened horse, and therefore it is good to give this energy the right direction.

"My specialty is teaching Tantra Courses! Connect with your inner passion. Come to our course and discover a new world of intimacy."

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A typically extraordinary woman, with more than a little love inside

I am passionate about exploring and uncovering people's uniqueness. Spiritual talks about the riches within us and the things beyond us are my favorite subjects to lose track of time.

For me, touch is grace, love, eternity and gratitude.

And above all, a divine therapeutic agent that accelerates awareness and overall development and growth.

I look forward to and welcome everyone who enters my life. Enrichment is always mutual.

With love,


I love aliveness in myself and in others.

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Sensual masseur for men who desire a conscious orgasmic-tantric touch from a man

Allow yourself the orgasmic touch of a man! Are you heterosexual or bi-curious and longing for a man's touch? I am here for you and 100% discreet. I offer a sensual orgasmic massage for men from men. A relaxing energy-tantric massage with a focus on conscious touch and intimacy.

The choice is entirely yours. What are you really looking for? Are you longing for deep relaxation and relaxation, or do you want to explore deeper intimacy and sensuality in a point to point experience?

My goal is to adapt to your needs and provide you with an unforgettable experience that will fulfill your desires and fantasies.


I am an energy-tantric massage therapist specializing in men, regardless of your sexual orientation - straight or bi-curious - I am here for you with absolute discretion.

My goal is to provide you with an experience full of relaxation, excitement and harmony with your body and mind. If your lady would like to be part of the massage, I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Body to Body - 90 min of Sensual Massage

This energy-tantric massage is an experience of conscious touch and absolute surrender into my hands. It brings total relaxation, release and connection of sexual energy through our bodies.

Your relaxation is very important for a deep massage experience. That's why we start with a short consultation regarding your intention and what you actually came for, what interested you. This will dissolve the initial nervousness and instill more confidence. Then you go to the shower, where after cleansing I come and use a sugar scrub on your body, for deeper cleansing and preparation for the massage as such. There are first touches and getting to know each other on a physical level. 

Next, we move to the futon, where we open the entire massage, especially energetically, and thank each other for the trust. Afterwards, we are both naked and you start to relax completely, on your belly. During the massage, we change different positions and techniques according to the original intention and intuitive guidance. In case of excitement, a massage of intimate parts is also part of it, which can end in your ejaculation, but it is not a rule. Overall, the massage is designed for maximum relaxation and relaxation. At the very end, there is a shower again and the sharing of feelings.

During the massage, erection and sexual excitement are completely natural. Sexual energy really flows all the time and there is no need to be ashamed of it. It's really about accepting whatever your body feels like. The massage can be really intense and different emotions can flow out. Allow it! It is an experience full of touch, excitement, erection and possibly ejaculation. It's alright. It's your time to just relax and receive sensual touches.

- Extra service in the form of prostate massage or BDSM elements is also possible. -

Price: CZK 3,500 + CZK 1,000 (prostate massage)

Come discover the beauty and power of orgasm through my tantric touches.

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Jitka Jitro

I offer Special Tantra Massages

Through touch, we heal and harmonize our body, heart and soul. Touch is our natural need. Without it, we lose joy, relaxation and spontaneous creativity. We need to give and receive it often.

In my tantric massage, you will draw the touches of consciousness, full of living energy, love and acceptance. It opens up more space in you to receive pleasure in life.

Kashmiri Tantra Massage

This is a gentle, sensual massage ritual from northern India, from the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. It connects your masculine and feminine polarity, the inner child and the Buddha within you - your divinity. You are coming into deep contact with these four energies. The healing that can occur at the same time happens without the intention of healing the giver. The whole body is sensually pampered, without focusing on any specific part of the body. This meditative experience will help you increase your ability to give and receive pleasure, free the flow of subtle energy in your body, and awaken your senses.

Tandava Massage

Flowing, presence in sensitive touch. Tandava means dance, the movement in it does not come from the intention of the giver, it happens by itself. First, our inner movements align, when the connection occurs, you can relax into the massage that arises in the very moment it is happening. The massage has the principles of Kashmiri tantric massage, you experience your masculine and feminine sides, the sensitive child and the divine being that you are. By connecting them in the body, you become a more harmonious being.

You can book a two- or three-hour Tantra Massage or All-day Therapy with me.

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Soul connection and energy sharing

In the daily rush and stress, we often forget to take care of ourselves. My tactical massages are an exceptional experience that will help you relax and restore your physical and mental energy. Let me give you the moment of peace and well-being you deserve.

Now is the right time to do something for yourself. Book your tantric massage and return your body to the harmony and relaxation you rightfully crave.


Desire for gentle touches? If you want to release tension or are looking forward to a powerful inner experience.

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Your choice for sensual gentle massages with BDSM elements

Interconnection, perfection of the moment, a sense of oneness, acceptance of self and others, and unconditional love...that is Tantra. Allow yourself to be lovingly pampered by slow, conscious touches, experience something beautiful and let beneficial energy flow throughout your body and mind.

The combination of a sensual gentle massage with elements of BDSM, immersing oneself in oneself and surrendering fully to the will of the therapist is an exciting experience that will add some "hot" spice to the tantric massage.

If you just want an Erotic Massage: 60 min. - 2300,-. Otherwise, Tantra massages according to the price list here on the website.

Allow yourself to be lovingly pampered by slow, conscious touches. I am here for Men, Women and Couples.

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Sensual Tantra with Lunou

It is about connecting body, mind and soul through conscious touch and mutual energy sharing. This energy, which spreads throughout the body, is used for healing or internal transformation and raising consciousness.

You will experience wonderful moments full of love, release from deep stress and calm your mind. Discover the awakening playfulness and joy of your own body. Surrender to a tantric massage with light BDSM elements. You will experience pleasure, intense connection with yourself and fill you with life energy.

Surprise your body with magic... Sensual Tantric Massage

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