Experience a Sensual touch from a man!

Experience a unique Orgasmic-Tantric Massage for Men in Prague


Sensual masseur for men who desire a conscious orgasmic-tantric touch from a man

Allow yourself the orgasmic touch of a man! Are you heterosexual or bi-curious and longing for a man's touch? I am here for you and 100% discreet. I offer a sensual orgasmic massage for men from men. A relaxing energy-tantric massage with a focus on conscious touch and intimacy.

The choice is entirely yours. What are you really looking for? Are you longing for deep relaxation and relaxation, or do you want to explore deeper intimacy and sensuality in a point to point experience?

My goal is to adapt to your needs and provide you with an unforgettable experience that will fulfill your desires and fantasies.


I am an energy-tantric massage therapist specializing in men, regardless of your sexual orientation - straight or bi-curious - I am here for you with absolute discretion.

My goal is to provide you with an experience full of relaxation, excitement and harmony with your body and mind. If your lady would like to be part of the massage, I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Body to Body - 90 min of Sensual Massage

This energy-tantric massage is an experience of conscious touch and absolute surrender into my hands. It brings total relaxation, release and connection of sexual energy through our bodies.

Your relaxation is very important for a deep massage experience. That's why we start with a short consultation regarding your intention and what you actually came for, what interested you. This will dissolve the initial nervousness and instill more confidence. Then you go to the shower, where after cleansing I come and use a sugar scrub on your body, for deeper cleansing and preparation for the massage as such. There are first touches and getting to know each other on a physical level. 

Next, we move to the futon, where we open the entire massage, especially energetically, and thank each other for the trust. Afterwards, we are both naked and you start to relax completely, on your belly. During the massage, we change different positions and techniques according to the original intention and intuitive guidance. In case of excitement, a massage of intimate parts is also part of it, which can end in your ejaculation, but it is not a rule. Overall, the massage is designed for maximum relaxation and relaxation. At the very end, there is a shower again and the sharing of feelings.

During the massage, erection and sexual excitement are completely natural. Sexual energy really flows all the time and there is no need to be ashamed of it. It's really about accepting whatever your body feels like. The massage can be really intense and different emotions can flow out. Allow it! It is an experience full of touch, excitement, erection and possibly ejaculation. It's alright. It's your time to just relax and receive sensual touches.

- Extra service in the form of prostate massage or BDSM elements is also possible. -

Price: CZK 3,500 + CZK 1,000 (prostate massage)

Come discover the beauty and power of orgasm through my tantric touches.

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