Our specials are what make us unique in Prague and guarantee you an experience that is incomparable. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you services that are exceptional and not available anywhere else in this quality.

We believe that everyone deserves something extra, whether it's self-care, a reward for hard work or a space for deeper self-discovery and healing. Our specialties are here for you to experience unique and unsurpassed experiences.

If you desire something extraordinary, if you are looking for something different from ordinary massages and therapies, then we are here for you. Come and discover our specialties that are ready to make your time with us unforgettable


Samurai Massage with Bamboo Brooms - 60 min

Energetic Samurai massage with bamboo brooms is the oldest Japanese massage technique. Its goal is deep relaxation of the muscles of the body, improvement of blood circulation, release of muscle tension and relief of pain and stress.

Samurai massage with bamboo brooms is based on a complex effect on the biologically active points and energy meridians of a person. It is performed in a meditative state with concentration on individual strokes and the client's body.

In this way, a vibrational resonance is transmitted from the master to the client, which does not end only at the muscle level, but at the energy level, it passes through the entire body. This potentiates the therapeutic effect to the highest level. It brings the client into a state of sleep and deep relaxation.

It improves lymph flow and accelerates metabolic processes in the body. That is why this massage is also very popular among women suffering from cellulite.

Bamboo brooms are natural and ecological, and in combination with the rhythmic technique of strokes, they have an amazing stimulating effect on the body as a whole. They relieve muscle and nervous tension very well. This technique eliminates stress and helps to relax. Massage activates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and reduces joint and spine pain.

In addition, it normalizes the energy state of the body and increases immunity. Bamboo brooms and bamboo poles were used by samurai who discovered this massage technique for quick and effective recovery after battle. Massage brooms are made of bamboo, which according to ancient Buddhist traditions is a symbol of longevity and grace, besides numerous healing properties, it is also a unique plant that can restore the balance of yin and yang energy in the body. And therefore it is also indicated for mental and physical reworking.

Demonstration of Samurai Massage 

with Bamboo Brushes

Possible variations: Tantra + Samurai orgasmic massage

After the initial conversation over a cup of tea, the ritual of washing and peeling the whole body (for women) is performed, i.e. a symbolic discarding of everyday worries and surrendering to the hands of the therapist.

Orgasmic samurai massage with bamboo brooms is a powerful prelude to Tantric massage and is performed on a bound (not a condition) body, dressed only in underwear. After the Samurai massage, it smoothly transitions to the Tantra massage.

Finally, after showering, you can sit in our mini-tea house and let the feelings and energy in your body fade away, which will surround you for a certain time and protect you from the chaos of the big city.

Kashmiri Tantra Massage

A gentle, sensual massage ritual from northern India - the tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism. It connects the masculine and feminine polarity, the inner child and the Buddha within you (your piety).

The recipient comes into deep contact with these four energies. The ritual takes place in a safe and grounded way. The healing that can occur at the same time happens without the intention of healing the giver. The whole body is sensually pampered, without focusing on any specific part of the body. This meditation practice will help you increase your ability to give and receive pleasure, free the flow of subtle energy in your body, and awaken your senses.

Duration: 180 min / Price: 5.990 Kč

Tandava Massage

Flowing, presence in sensitive touch. Tandava means dance, the movement in it does not come from the intention of the giver, it happens by itself. First, our inner movements align, when the connection occurs, you can relax into the massage that is created in the very moment it is happening.

The massage has the principles of Kashmiri tantric massage, you experience your masculine and feminine sides, the sensitive child and the divine being that you are. By connecting them in the body, you become a more harmonious being.

Duration: 120 min / Price: 3.990 Kč

"Samurai strength, bamboo tenderness: Welcome to the realm of relaxation."