Tantra specials are original massages that can't be found anywhere else

Tantra + Samurai orgasmic massage

After the initial conversation over a cup of tea, the ritual of washing and peeling the entire body (for women) is performed, a symbolic dismissal of the cares of the everyday and into the hands of a therapist.
Orgasmic samurai massage with bamboo brooms is a powerful prelude to Tantric massage and is performed on a tethered (not a condition) body, dressed only in underwear. After a Samurai massage, it becomes a smooth transition into a Tantric massage.
At the end of the shower, you can sit in our mini-tearoom and let the feelings and energy in your body fade, surrounding you for a time and protecting you from the chaos of the big city.

Orgasmic dominant samurai massage with bamboo brooms

An extraordinary experience for the demanding. A non-painful but very intense approx. 60-minute graduating experience of massage with bamboo scourges on a naked (in underwear only) body strapped to a loud rhythmic drumming takes you to another dimension of experiencing your sexuality. Massage with bamboo scourges relaxes the muscles deeply while intensely stimulating the peripheral nerve endings, contributing to a powerful energy flow in the organism. When combined with the targeted gradation of controlled breathing and impacts of bamboo meteors, you experience an incredibly powerful, sometimes orgasmic experience. A massage can also be a prelude to and seamlessly transition to a Tantric massage. The entire massage is, of course, under your control and can be terminated at any time.

Royal 3-Hour Tantric Massage

Maximum relaxation and experience for the demanding.
The massage begins with a full-body peel, then a shamanic ritual with a drum, smokers and Rapé. Next, warm up your whole body with wet hot towels, and then we soften your body perception with a Samurai massage with bamboo scourges. For massage, we use ice coconut oil in combination with hot lava stones.

Dominant Tantric massage with BDSM elements (180 min)

Tantric massage with a little playful dominance for both men and women. Light games with ropes, whips and other interesting toys :o)

Psychedelic Tantric Massage - Time Unlimited,

price 1000,-Kč /hour

Do you ever use psychedelics? LSD, mushrooms, MDMA, marijuana. Tantric massage in low doses of these substances is an amazing experience that pushes the boundaries of the perception of tantric massage further back.

Please note that we are not selling or finding any of these substances ! But if you bring them, our trained Sitter-Tantric masseur will gladly guide you through this incredible experience in a safe environment.

Women only so far!