All-day Therapy for YOU

Welcome to our tantric studio where we open the door to deep awakening, healing and transformation. We are here to introduce you not only to the magic, but also to the power of tantra and the various rituals and therapies that you can experience with us.

Our offer is more diverse than you can imagine. We offer subconscious maps that allow you to look deeper into yourself. For those who desire deep personal growth, we have prepared all-day rituals for individuals and couples that will guide you not only on the path to yourself, but also to a deeper understanding of your relationships with parents, partners and yourself.

With us, it's not just about therapies and rituals, it's about returning to your sexuality, to the passion that can enliven your life. Here you will find a place to open communication, explore and heal relationships, and above all, re-experience that wonderful passion that may have been forgotten.

Come and discover with us the way to a deeper understanding of yourself, to healing and awakening your sexuality. We are here to guide you through this magical journey that can enrich your life in ways you may never have known.

"All-day Therapy: A Path to Deep Transformation and Healing."

All-day transformational and healing therapy

All-day Ritual for you

Individual full-day therapy aimed at transformation, awareness and release of old traumas, subconscious fears, misleading patterns of behavior and social taboos. None of the therapy points is mandatory - we always agree in advance.

  • Suitable for Men, Women or Couples in the form of Couples Therapy

  • Absolutely safe space for everyone

  • Duration: approx. 6-8 hours

  • Price: CZK 9,990


  • Initial interview over a cup of tea.

  • Rapé ritual.

  • Relaxation massage.

  • Maps of the subconscious.

  • Light refreshments (fruit, nuts, tea).

  • Psychospiritual interview about where we came from, where we are going in this life and what we expect from life.

  • Vaginal or anal mapping (if the client is ready for this alternative).

  • Tantric massage.

  • Relaxation, enjoyment and appreciation of the whole day.

In the initial conversation, we will find topics that need to be addressed and clarify where the client wants to go. We can focus on deeper issues related to emotional deprivation in a relationship, a difficult time in your life or health issues that we can help you with.

After a relaxing massage, which opens up the perception of the body and the senses, we will create subconscious Maps at the alpha level, with which you will be able to work in the future and thereby develop your physical and mental well-being.

After a midday snack and a spiritually tuned interview, if the client wants and is ready for it, Vaginal/anal mapping will take place to find and dissolve old traumas, grievances and emotions, or just to restore sensitivity, pleasure and finer perception and feeling into this area. This therapy can be very emotionally demanding and it may be necessary to calmly absorb these emotional experiences during a gentle facial massage.

The subsequent Tantric massage will impress with its healing power of conscious loving touch on the agitated emotions after the Vaginal/anal mapping, and calm and peace will enter the body and mind.

Over a cup of tea, we will discuss the final evaluation of the whole day in terms of feelings, emotions, body and soul.

You can also customize this therapy and its content can be changed to suit you better. Cosmetic care for your body can also be added to it, or it can be conceived as an experiential and relaxing experience in order to shake off the stress of everyday life and, figuratively speaking, "recharge your batteries".

All-day Couple Therapy

Therapy focused on just an experience for partners, where we will teach you and you will experience a lot of amazing techniques from tantric massage and other relaxation skills that will enrich your intimate and everyday life. (can also be initiation into BDSM techniques)

Or therapeutically focused on coping with marital crises according to tantric philosophy.

Topics of infidelity, the weakening of the sexual or emotional charge between partners, are very common in society, and many couples break up because of it.

You can also come for a preliminary consultation for this therapy.

If there is still at least a spark of mutual sympathy and love for each other between you. It's always worth fanning this egg into a proper flame again. We look forward to you.