Full-day transformation and healing therapy for both men and women (approx. 7 hours)

Individual round-the-clock therapy aimed at transforming, realizing and releasing old traumas, subconscious fears, misleading behavioral patterns and social taboos. None of the points of therapy are mandatory - we always agree in advance.


  • An initial interview over a cup of tea.
  • Rapé ritual.
  • Relaxation massage.
  • Maps of the subconscious. (THERAPY)
  • A light treat (fruit, nuts, tea).
  • A psychic interview about where we came from, where we walk in this life, and what we expect from life.
  • Vaginal or anal mapping (if the client is ready for this alternative).
  • Tantric massage.
  • Relaxing, experiencing and assessing the whole day.
In the initial interview, we find the topics that need to be addressed and make it clear where the client/client wants to go. We can focus on deeper issues related to emotional deprivation in a relationship, a difficult life period or health issues that we can help you with.
After a relaxing massage, which will open up the senses and body, we will create subconscious senses in the alpha Maps level that you can work with in the future, thereby developing your physical and mental well-being.
After a lunchtime light refreshment and a spiritually-attuned interview, if the client wants and is ready for it, there will be a Vaginal/anal mapping to find and dissolve old traumas, grievances and emotions, or just to restore sensitivity, enjoyment and gentler perception and awakening to the area. This therapy can be very emotionally demanding and it may be necessary to absorb these emotional experiences at rest during a gentle facial massage.
Subsequent Tantric massage exerts its healing power of conscious loving touch on inflamed emotions after Vaginal/anal mapping, and peace enters the body and mind.
Over a cup of tea, we will discuss the final assessment of the whole day within feelings, emotions, body and soul.
You can also split this therapy into several visits, and its contents can be altered to suit you better. It can also include cosmetic care for your body, or just design it as experiential and relaxing to shake off the stress of the everyday and, metaphorically speaking, "recharge the batteries."

Samurai massage with bamboo brooms (about 60min)

Energy Samurai massage with bamboo brooms is Japan's oldest massage technique. It aims to deeply relax the muscles of the body, improve circulation, relax muscle tension and relieve pain and stress.
Samurai massage with bamboo brooms is based on a complex effect on the biologically active points and energy meridians of humans. It is performed in a state of meditation with a concentration on individual strokes and the body of the client. This transmits from master to client a vibratory resonance that doesn't just stop at the muscle level, but passes through the whole body at the energy level. This potentiates the therapeutic effect to the highest level. It puts the client in a state of sleep and deep relaxation.
It improves lymph flow and speeds up metabolic processes in the body. That's why this massage is also very popular with women suffering from cellulite. It also normalises the body's energy state and increases immunity.

Healing scars

Treatment of external and internal scars in the form of massage, castor oil and trauma work. Each scar leaves a deep imprint on both body and body. When it is no longer worked, it withdraws, interacts with the system, and carries an emotional charge with it. A number of feelings can be unexplored and unrevealed. The scars of childbirth, C-section, levee spraying, gallbladder surgery... They all change the feeling and perception in a given cloud. Intimate intercourse sometimes triggers pain, suppressed emotions and withdrawal. There is a dislike of sex that is passed on to partner and family. The healing of scars can make the sensation of pleasure in such an affected area agitate, soften and revive. It also releases the traumas stored in the scars, dissolves them, shines with new energy and vitality.

Maps of the subconscious

There is a lot of old useless junk stored in our subconscious that weighs us down and, last but not least, directs and directs us somewhere. Old traumas, emotional scars and settings affect our lives and relationships with partners, parents and children, and are very hard to resist. Mapping the subconscious is a tool that can work with these memory recordings. It is possible to redesign them, change them, or create new ones so that they affect us only in their positive form.


Reikiworks by having trained therapists attach their hands to certain parts of the body, or directly to the site of the pain, thus giving the patient a healing, universal energy. It's like when we hit our feet or have toothache - we instinctively grab the sore spot with our hands. By placing our hands in place, we bring energy to help recover an unnatural state caused by a blow or pain. Through the flow of energy, the blockages of the internal flow of energy that caused the disease are released. This energy also releases toxic substances from the body and strengthens the whole body. The healing and restorative effect is sometimes instantaneous, and the patient may feel heat at the point of energy passage. Reiki helps with any illness or injury and can be applied before and after surgery to strengthen the body. Therapy is without side effects, it can't hurt. The power of flow depends on the receiving person and is governed by their need. It cannot become exhausted and is independent of faith or attitude towards it. Reiki is not a substitute for classical medicine - but it can promote and accelerate it.