What is tantra to me?
Wide-spectrum learning that leads to a connection with our divine nature. It doesn't condemn the body and sexual desires, it accepts them and goes through them. It transforms our desires and passions into a deeper fusion with the Total.
About me
I am a woman of rich female energy, deep sentiment and strong empathy. I'm a highly sensitive person who can work not only with the physical body, but also with the energy. I love to cherish men and, through my touch, give them the love and tenderness that is so much needed. I approach massages with an open heart, which is why there's more to them than physical touching. That something you can't describe in words, but it has to be experienced. I've been doing Tantric learning for 4 years and 2 years working with Dark Eros. Among other things, I do dance and art.
Tantric massages certified professional annual training - School Art of Loving
Transforming personal shadow into life force and personal freedom - TE0, School The Art of Loving
Dark eros, conscious BDSM and acceptance of shadow - TE1, School The Art of Loving
From 50 Shades of Grey to Infinite Colors of Passion - TE2, School The Art of Loving
Conscious BDSM - individual lessons of Madam Canabelle
Wisdom of the woman's body, power of the center - Denise Paleckova Říhová
Transcript for Limbic Fingerprint - Denisa Palečková Říhova and Richard Vojík
A course of intuition and imagination, an inner man and woman - VeronikaShumavan
Sleeping Beauty - workshop psychotherapy in practice, Veronika Shumavan

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