Dear friends,
My name is Vivien, and I've been pursuing alternative methods and spiritual practice for over 15 years. I have a gift for spiritual connection, insight into situations and issues that need healing and release with an awareness of old patterns of behavior, beliefs, and suggestion taken generations hence in the male lineage
or a woman's or your soul's record. So, through channeling, connecting with a level of higher knowledge, consciousness, I pass information on to topics and open up your energy field to
receiving high-vibration energy to release and dissolve traumas that are often in the unconscious and subconscious, but also at physical levels, so in the body. By becoming aware of these negative energies and releasing them from your subconscious, we rewrite old genetic information and use internal connections and connections so we can clean and restore your energy system and your internal settings.
For energy work and our connection and connection, you will need crystals or personal stones that I charge with our intent to heal situations or health in your life. I also work to open energy centers, chakras and purify your energy field to receive high vibration energy to integrity and find internal balance and harmony. Before our merger, the space and time for this energy transfer must be defined. It is good to clean the area with herbal smokers or scented sticks. To the space, then prepare a candle, a glass of water, crystals and, depending on the topic, other items, which I will tell you after you sign up with me with the topic. Our connection to the internal works can be made in an hour or two-hour connection.
The two-hour connection includes a ceremony with the healing elements of linking heaven and earth, as well as natural elements and magic for stronger cleansing and deeper inner workings. In the final phase of our connection, I often relay information on how to taper after this transmission and ceremony, the ritual to purify a given topic at energy level, or the physical therefore addition of important substances to the body of any herbal therapy and exercise or resting activity. I look forward to our union.Channeling and answering questions.
For online spirit inside work via channeling, write to
Online answers to your questions via channeling. Energy work with crystals, connecting elements of water, air, fire, divinity and earth. Tantric practice to spur the life force from the first energy center to the seventh and above to revive the male-female energy connection to open
with higher consciousness cultivating life force to open the heart, above consciousness and subconscious into a higher state of perception, experiencing your body, feeling activated and cultivating life force into divine consciousness to enlighten and work with kundalini energy in the spine. Understanding the difference between male and female, opening up a new path in respect and loving in partnership to a higher depth and level of love, divinity, partnership and harmony between man and woman in their intimacy, sharing and communicating to form fulfilling relationships. Writing articles with a theme and message can be found at : Painting energy images on a theme with a message.Tantric energy massage.

Tantra is for me a gateway to the soul and the body and the opening of a new dimension. In tantric massage, I work with energy centers and breathing techniques to release and energize, when the mind is also released and the person begins to sense, feel himself and his feelings both physical and mental. The client is in direct contact with himself in the present moment here and now. I work with sexual creative energy, a life force that I distribute throughout my body through breathing techniques and loving touches . I will be your guide at this meeting. The guide's tantra becomes an energy conduit and conveys sacred energy to the recipient through touch. There is a flurry of energy throughout the body and a culture of sexual energy throughout the whole being to open up love and creativity in life. During massage, the recipient should not touch the masseur, the flow of energy would be interrupted. It's about the perception of yourself, of yourself.

Massage is suitable for both men and women and teaches us to experience ourselves - in the here and now, opening the heart to blend and open a new dimension where everything is whole, liberating and perfect. This massage also helps to embrace your sexual energy without prejudice in all its beauty, sensuality. The massage is very intimate and tailored to the individual's needs. This is by no means an erotic massage. The foundation is to give yourself completely in trust to the passing and the entire course of the ritual and massage without conscious control. Let the time and the course of the massage go by and feel your feelings. Treat yourself to something as beautiful as a full-body, sensual energy tantra massage.

1 hour tantric energy massage (entrance interview, ritual, massage is especially for clients who come for the first time and want to fill in the tantra and its secrets) 1.5 hours tantric energy massage . With massage, there is a gradual release of the physical body and a tuning of the energy body receiving through loving touch and a connection with life's creative sexual energy, which gradually distributes throughout the body, bringing a sense of fulfilment and love in all their forms. I work consciously on an energy level with special breathing techniques to develop the ability to experience the present moment.

2 h tantric energy massage - (entrance interview, ritual and massage) . At this meeting, I will introduce you to breathing techniques and a healing or sensual tantra of your choice and current state of mind. I will show you the work of breathing and techniques to relax the body. The ritual will honor the divine on an energy level, and while massaging, I will first harmonize your energy body and gradually move on to physical body massage to spur the sacred sexuality of your first energy center to revive, rejuvenate and energize your life force and energy.

2.5 h -3 hours tantric energy massage (pleasant chat, ritual, relaxing deep massage) In this time without hurry, we find ourselves momentarily in a dream reality to release stress, tension and to harmonize your body, and to the sound of pleasant music, candles, aromatic oil we move seamlessly to honor your life force - sexual energy. The massage will alternate from light caressing in the form of an ethereal massage to physical body massage to deep relaxation. Enjoy your personal unique experience thanks to your originality and the magic of the present moment. I look forward to meeting you. With love and respect. Vivien

The tangential encounter contains the entrance conversation, the ritual and the massage itself. Part of the entry conversation is also the teaching of how to work your breath and your body for the most beautiful and profound experience. The ritual honors man and woman, god and goddess, and opens energy centers, of which there are seven on the body, and brings man to a higher consciousness and transformation from the first energy center to the seventh, which accompanies a deep release and flux of energy. This whole-body ritual can help in partner relationships, but also with the value of your own and experiencing love for yourself and all living beings.

MANTRY for individual energy centers - LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM , KSHAM, OM for interest
For more information, visit www.tantra-vivien.czEnergetic healing tantra to ease blockages, pain or non-functioning areas in your life.

I specialize in pain relief without the use of painkillers.
"Pharmaceutical" - Releasing causes by awareness and dismissal of unhealthy habits, habits, addictions through speech or massage. I work here with energy centers and breathing techniques to release and circulate energy in the body.

For massages I use special touches from Indian, Chinese and Hawaiian massages and insights from alternative and client practice (15 years).

I look forward to our online connection.

Love, Vivien