The tantric massages were brought on by my own desire to touch. It opened up an unprecedented range of touching experiences and pleasures, but also my own emotions, which were embedded, unfinished somewhere in my body, and a gentle touch brought them to the surface. I have learned firsthand that sometimes you have to delve into old unsolved sorrows and let them fade away, so that the body opens itself to joyful experiences and the scars are smoothed away by pleasure. Then there's nothing to stop the free flow of sexual energy in the body. Being honest with yourself and your experiences is liberating.
In addition to tantric massages for the pleasure of body and soul, I am also happy to guide you through techniques for the release of emotional blocks (so-called tantric disarmament) and treatment of yoga and lingam (releasing pelvic floor massages for both men and women). I'm happy to enrich your massage with elements of tantric surrender in the form of conscious BDSM.

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