For couples, lovers, love couples or even friends. If you like to experience something exciting together, or want to enrich, revive or advance your love life, it's a choice for you.
You can choose if you want two female masseuses or a man and a woman, if you wish, you can be massaged separately in separate rooms. Or you can massage each other, paired with our masseuse or masseuse as a gift.
It's an amazing experience holding hands and experiencing this thrilling sensual massage of all massages together.
You can also test the BDSM Tantra together and tie and punish your partner under the supervision of an experienced therapist. Just tell us your dreams and we'll help you realize them.

You can also rent a space with us fully prepared for a Tantric massage, with everything you need and with a little training, and then surprise your partner and give him a 2nd hour Tantric massage of your own, just call : 605 832 121 and arrange everything .