Tantric massage, therapy and relaxation programmes for women

Tantric massage can be a very sensual but also a profound healing experience, especially for those women who have been through some form of traumatic experience in a relationship, in the family, or are past childbirth, C-section, etc. Tantric massage can treat the pelvic floor area very effectively and thus positively change the sensitivity of loving and depth of experience.
Tantric massage is a combination of full-body sensual massage, classical massage technique and loving conscious touch, conscious energy work and the direct intention of the therapist to give the recipient the deepest experience. Unlike other therapies, Tantra is a full massage, which includes a Yoni massage (an intimate part - if the client wishes it and is prepared for it). This is a very liberating experience because our intimacy is a great source of life force and joy, but it is also surrounded by a wall of social rules and moral taboos.
Before the massage itself, we will discuss everything with you over a cup of tea, we will find out your wishes and fears, we will answer all your questions. You can also choose, of course, if you want a massage or therapy from a woman or a man. We will respect your wishes and boundaries completely.
Before the massage, we can do a full-body peel - you can choose warm-up or ice, depending on the season. We only use quality natural cosmetics and essences from LIRI . You can also get a light Samurai massage with bamboo brooms, which activates the nerve endings to prepare the body for an unparalleled experience.

We also have a "Full-Time Transformational and Healing Therapy" for you, focusing on deeper issues related to emotional deprivation in a relationship, a stressful life span or health issues that we can help you with. You can divide this therapy into several visits, and its contents can be altered to suit you best. It can also be added to take care of your body, or just designed as experiential and relaxing, to shake off the stress of the everyday and, metaphorically speaking, "recharge the batteries."

We know that Tantra, wrongly, still has an undeserved reputation among some people as something out of place and falling more into sexual service. However, we want to assure you that your privacy and discretion is guaranteed with us even if you do not enter the studio directly from the street, but take the elevator to us on the 5th floor. You can also come to our studio for a completely classic or relaxing massage to get to know the environment and our therapists. Every client is an extended family to us, and we always try to help beyond our work when we need to.
There are many women who know they would like to try (not only) Tantra, but a certain shyness, a fear of losing control, or an unusual manifestation of the body during an orgasm, or false social taboos and morals prevent them from doing so. It could be a puritanical upbringing in the family, bad experiences with another therapist or masseur, that sort of thing. These things happen, the manifestations of the body are obvious, desirable and liberating, that's why the clients come to us, they can throw away all conventions and just be their own with everything, with all manifestations of body and mind, we're ready for that. It's a shame because of prejudice or an ugly experience to close your path and turn a blind eye to everything.

"It's your life and live it the way you want, not the way others want or wish. Society, friends, partners, but even your parents have you stuck in their box, and whenever you stick your head out of it, they want to stuff you back in. Internally, they feel that they have never been, nor will be, strong enough to live their lives as they would like and will therefore try to convince you that you are as weak and fatuous as they are. But that's their idea of life, not yours. So jump out of that box and just live your beautiful rich and happy life the way you want. No one else will do it for you." If only so that when you are old enough to remember, there will be plenty to remember. Even in the worst of situations, you can break down or dance. It's up to you.

We look forward with love to your visit!

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