Tantra massage for men

Tantric massage for men, is a unique issue that will permanently change your understanding of massage as such. Tantric massage from our therapists is a treatment for the soul and body. If your secret door to your emotions is closed, we have the keys to open it and wake it.
Before the massage itself, we use shamanic rituals and smokers to purify body and spirit, of course, if you want. We'll discuss everything with you before the massage, and it'll be up to you to choose.
You can also undergo a washing ritual before a massage, which is performed either in a shower equipped for this purpose or on a bed with hot towels. The ritual of washing, is the symbolic surrender to the hands of a therapist and the washing away of the imaginary emotional and psychological burden of the day so that you can rest with a calm mind and indulge in her gentle healing hands.

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