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Mystical Tantra full body massage with ritual, cultivation of increased energy in the body.
What you can experience differently with me is a conscious, sensual, tender, gentle and very slow touch from me to you with warm oil. As a result it is very intense and you move like you are riding the waves in an ocean of your own energy. You are getting into a state of presence of consciousness in your body.
I work only with the healing power of my hands on the massage table and remain clothed throughout the massage. During our time together, I am the only one massaging or touching the other. My own body is a sacred temple for me. I don't use any other aids, such as feathers or warm washcloths. It is a priority for me to thoroughly prepare my body to process the increased energy through long slow touches. Having enough time to immerse myself in deep active relaxation and surrender.
I attend to both women and men